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Getting my own automobile was a huge dream for me. However, I swiftly learnt that looking after a huge vehicle like the one I bought is a tall order - its a 4X4. I understand that there are lots of little things that can go wrong with the truck, however these little things have the ability have a negative impact on my experience of owning and driving the automobile. Take for example the air conditioning. Leaving the car parked out in the sun leaves the windscreen exposed to the harsh sun, exposing the interior of the automobile to hazardous sun rays that can make everything fade and crack, messing up the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. It can get so hot that I have to run the Air Conditioner for a while until the truck is cool enough to get into and drive. This is one of the major things that triggered me to look for a good windshield sunshade. My search took me to Amazon.com, where I discovered the best big windshield sunshade for my car, made by SKORCH. Here are some of the features and benefits that this car window shade has Flexibility to the size of your windshield - one great thing about this windshield sun shade is that it fits various windshield types. I love the way it springs apart to its complete size from its flat folded position of just one foot in diameter - about the size of a frizbee. This means that you can use this car window shade for most huge automobiles and SUVs. The car window shade can fit windshields that have a height less than than 38 inches. SKORCH also make a popular smaller shade which fits automobiles with windscreens as much as 30 inches in height. Fantastic aesthetic looks when in position - The windshield sunshade has a silver reflective surface that will make your car or car look terrific versus others, no matter what type of car it is. Lets face it, we all want our vehicles to look great Long Lasting - The windshield sun shade is made from a durable nylon cloth, ensuring that the item will last for many years. This was about the most powerful influencers of the car window shade that made it appealing to me. Returns guarantee - I bought the windscreen sunshade on Amazon.com which has additional benefits. This offensive Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/Car-Window-Shade-Windshield-Windshields/dp/B00OUM8GLY/Car Window Shade/ web page has limitless astonishing lessons for why to recognize this view. By getting the item from Amazon, you are given a hundred percent money back guarantee. Amazon has the most efficient and quickest shipping arrangements, so that you can order the item from the security and convenience of your home and it will arrive just a few days. And if you are an Amazon Prime customer, you dont even have to pay for delivery. Bring on the hot weather.